•  Radio & Television Commercials

When you request a spot that will run on terrestrial radio or television, I like to offer you at least three versions using different deliveries or word emphasis.  I also want to assure you that I am completely cognizant to the needs of broadcast spots in making sure they are perfectly timed to accommodate the computer programming these stations utilize.

• Audiobooks & e-learning Presentations

Let’s say you’ve gotten that book together that’s taken a good chunk of your life to write but you choose not to do the audio portion.  Before we begin an audiobook project I like to read the first couple pages and send it to you.  This gives you a chance to direct and adjust the style so we can continue with the sound you’re hearing in you’re head.

e-learning projects and corporate training videos are handled the same way by providing you a sample to approve before we get started.

•  Imaging for Radio & TV

For imaging I record the liners you send with different effects and music snippets to give you some choices or use them all.  Please send me a couple of your station liners and I’ll do a free sample for you.

•  Voice-tracking

Voice-tracking has become an integral part of radio.  For your benefit I won’t try to misrepresent or offer things I can’t reasonably provide.  I’m really not equipped to handle on-air phones and interviews in radio shows.

So if you’re looking for a smooth well-paced radio show that keys on your promotion liners and your website with a friendly adaptive presentation let’s talk further.  I study the market you’re in and read about the town to get a feel for what kind of vibe your city enjoys.

So if you want to round out your programming day with a smooth, edited, localized voice tracked show, please ask further.

•  On-hold & Voice Mail Messages

To give you’re company greeting a fresh, businesslike yet friendly image I will voice your messages for the overall greeting as well as individual voice mail messages.